How To Scan A Document On Hp Printer? Connecting Hp Printer With Various Devices

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January 4, 2022


Steps to Scan a Document on HP Printer

Nowadays, there are rising demands of scanning documents occurring in most of the organizational work. There are several projects which require documented structure to make it well presented in front of clients and all. When we talk about printing, how can we leave one of the most trusting and successful brands which make gadgets; printers, mouse, monitors, etc? This blog is gonna be specifically on How To Scan A Document On HP Printer? Be with us!

How to Scan A Document On HP Printer using various Devices?

HP has been known for its durable and efficient Tech equipment for a very long period of time. They have not only covered the mid-range gadgets but also, provided premium-level gadgets to ease the work; Professional or Personal.

Similarly, one of the gadgets that we are covering on this blog is HP Printer. Let us see what they give to their users and how can we use HP Printers to scan a document.

Steps to scan on HP Printer

Have a look at the process of scanning documents on a HP Printer.

Install the HP Smart app (Windows, Mac)

  • Press on the Scantile found at the home screen of the HP Smart app.
  • Choose an option from the top bar, called “Scanner”.
  • Keep your docs on the printer scanner glass or on the automatic document feeder (ADF).
  • Customize it; job type, size, color, and resolution settings,
  • Finally, after all the process is done correctly press the ‘Scan’ found on the lower side.

 Scan from HP Printer to computer

As discussed there are options in HP Printers to use it with other computers as well. Let us see how it is possible to connect a hp printer to the computer.

  • To connect your PC to a computer, follow these steps:
  • Install HP software that comes with a HP Printer. If it is already there on your PC, open it.
  • keep your document on the scanning glass of the printer. Keep in mind that your docs should touch all the sides of the glass.
  • Choose wrench of logo on software program form setting option.
  • Take out the type of files that you want to scan (pictures or Documents).
  • Press ‘Scan Picture or Document’
  • The printer will take little time to scan and will ask the place you want to save it. Choose a place and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Scan a document to pdf from HP Printer

  • In Hp Printers, there is this option to scan any pdf document as well. To see how it works, follow the below steps.
  • First, you need to lift your HP scanner’s lid, keep your documents facing the glass properly and close the lid.
  • Put the Start button on, after that press “All Programs” and find the HP Solution Center program.
  • click the Scan setting. After that, Scan settings and preferences and then Scan Document settings in order to access your scanner’s PdF. Now, click the down arrow next to “Scan to” and press save the file. Click on the down arrow next to “File type”. From here you can choose the PDF section.
  • Now for the size, choose the Scan Document Setting button. Here you will get the Resolution option for your PDF. If the resolution does not matter to you, you can simply leave it and click on the ‘OK’ button.
  •  here you will be given the places to save your PDF file. Choose the place you wish to save it.
  •  In this process, you finally need to click on the ‘OK’ button to scan the documents. Click on the “Accept” button and save your PDF.

How do you scan a document from a HP Printer to your computer?

In order to scan a document from the Hp printer to your computer, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps. These fully-fledged steps are beneficial and easy to operate.

Setup scanner on HP Printer

  • First, Launch the HP Printer Assistant on Windows 10. Click on all apps from the start menu. After that choose HP and choose the printer name.
  • Move to the “Scan” section.
  • From here, choose ‘Manage Scan to Computer.’
  • Press “Enable” to set up the scanner.

Scan to email from HP Printer

there is this option in hp printer by which you can scan to email from hp printer. Here is how you can do so.

  • Keep your docs or papers on the scanner glass following the glass indicators
  • Put down the lid of the glass scanner.
  • Touch scan icon found at the home screen of the printer.
  • Press “Touch Scan to E-mail.”
  • After that, “Touch Send an E-mail.”

How to scan from HP Printer to Chromebook?

In order to scan from the hp printer to Chromebook, you need to follow a few mentioned steps.

  • Initially, connect your hp printer and your Chromebook with the same network as such.
  • Once you are connected, head to hp printer and locate the IP address. (it can be found in different locations).
  • Now on your Chromebook, simply enter the IP address in the Omnibox (URL bar) and click on the enter button.
  • Now, you can press on ‘Start Scan’ or you can also press “Webscan”.( web server will help you choose from JPG or PDF.
  • Finally, as your docs are scanned, you can simply click right to save them wherever you want.


In this interesting blog, we have discussed How To Scan A Document On HP Printer? And also what are the different devices with hp printer can be connected without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

There could be several reasons for not scanning your hp printer to your computer, such as faulty wired connection, there could be reasons like printing on the printer is taking place but not Scanning. There can be other scenarios as well. These issues can be fixed with a few careful steps and also it is easy to get it done on your own many times.

In order to scan your docs, you can use your mac’s menu, there you will find Printers & Scanners. This scanning can be done without installing additional software on your system.

There is mac’s image capturing feature which is beneficial in scanning the image and documents without any issue.

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