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January 24, 2023


6 Methods To Fix Hulu Error Code P-ts207

Hulu error code p-ts207 is a common Hulu problem faced by users when the same Hulu account is connected to many devices. Apart from this, other reasons such as the outdated Hulu app, Hulu server problems, slow internet, etc also lead to this Hulu error code. If you are encountering this problem, no need to be worried as here we are going to provide you with the best Hulu solutions.

So, follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to fix the Hulu issue. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy obstacle-free streaming videos.

Method 1. Check Internet Speed Or Connection

Checking internet speed is the first thing you need to do while confronting error code p-ts207 in Hulu.

Surely, it may be the case that a poor internet connection may cause this error code on the screen. Moreover, you will need to have 6-8 MBPS to watch streaming videos on Hulu without any hassle.

Hence, Hulu streaming videos will start buffering if the internet speed is not up to the mark. So, get in touch with your ISP and request them to boost your internet connection.

Furthermore, you can turn off and on the router or modem again to repair internet issues. This rebooting process of the router will take a few minutes and after which, the Hulu error code will disappear.

However, if the error code keeps on displaying, see the next troubleshooting tip further.

Method 2. Restart Hulu App

If you are a Hulu app user and the error code p-ts207 displaying on your screen, restart your Hulu app on your device. Due to technical glitches in the Hulu app, the error code p-ts207 appears. So, the best to fix the issue is to restart the app and then, play streaming videos. Hopefully, this Hulu error will be rectified with this tip. But if not, this could be because of Hulu server problems.

Steps to restart Hulu App Appropriately Android:-

  • First, go to the Settings section of your Hulu app.
  • Thereafter, go to the “Apps” option.
  • Now, tap “Hulu” given on the screen.
  • After that, tap the “Force stop” option.
  • Finally, restart the Hulu app and check for errors

Steps to restart the Hulu app on iOS:-

  • To begin with, Swipe up and stop in the middle of your device.
  • After that, swipe left or right. This will let you select your Hulu app.
  • Later, go to the app’s preview to close the app.
  • Thereafter, open Hulu again on your device and check for issues.

Method 3. Update Hulu App

Here in this technique, you will learn how to update the Hulu app in an appropriate manner. If you are using an outdated Hulu app then, it is obvious that issues will come on your way. So, update the app to the latest version so that you can get rid of the problem soon.

It is important to update the app properly and below you can check the points to update the app on iOS and Android.

Steps to update the Hulu App on Android:-

  • First of all, go to the Play Store on your Android phone.
  • After that, go to the Google account page.
  • Further, choose the “My Apps & Games” option
  • Thereafter, find the Hulu app and choose & tap the “Update” option.
  • Finally, launch the Hulu app again and check for errors.

Steps to update the Hulu App on iOS:-

  • To update the Hulu app on iOS, go to the App Store.
  • Next, search and choose your Hulu app.
  • Here, tap the “Update” option to install the latest updates.
  • Now, your device will take a few minutes to update the Hulu app.
  • Eventually, make sure to reboot the app after the latest updates are installed.

Method 4. Restart Or Update the Web Browser

If Hulu error code p-ts207 keeps displaying on the screen of your browser, restart your browser and then, try to play Hulu streaming videos. Simply, close and open your browser again so that temporary technical bugs can be fixed.

Additionally, updation and optimization of the browser are also important. So, make sure the browser you are using to watch Hulu videos, is up-to-date.

To restart the web browser using the task manager, please check the steps given below.

  • First, open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together.
  • Now, go to the “Process” tab.
  • Then, select “Google Chrome”.
  • Here, you just need to click the “End Task” option.
  • So, after tapping the “End Task” option, open or launch the browser or Chrome again.
  • Finally, access your Hulu account and try to watch videos.

We hope that this time you will be able to avail of Hulu’s streaming service without any obstacles. But if there is any issue, check our next tip below.

Method 5. Delete Cache On App & Device

Removing cache on the Hulu app and device is the best Hulu error code p-ts207 fix, which will make the Hulu app bug-free.

So, follow these simple steps that will teach you how to clear the cache properly. At times, cache files can get corrupted and due to this, Hulu streaming videos can buffer and stuck in the middle completely

For Android Devices:-

  • First and foremost, go to “Settings”.
  • Then, tap “Apps” to move forward.
  • Next, tap “Hulu”.
  • Choose the “Storage” option.
  • Finally, you will find the option “Clear Cache & Data”.

If you use Apple TV, uninstall and install the Hulu app to remove the cache.

For iPad & iPhone Device:-

  • Initially, access “Settings”.
  • After that, go to “General”.
  • Now, tap “iPhone Storage”.
  • Then, choose “Hulu”.
  • So, these steps will be helpful in clearing the cache.

Method 6. Turn Off/ Change VPN

You may still have to face “Hulu error code p-ts207” even if your internet and Hulu app both are working fine. This is only because of location issues. So, in this situation, disable or change VPN(Virtual Private Network)


So, these are the easy-to-follow fixing tips to resolve “Hulu error code p-ts207”. However, Hulu users can talk to Hulu customer service if the error keeps appearing on the screen.

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