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May 16, 2022


How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Problems

HP is a brand that is famous for its laserjet printers. Well, it has the honor of being the first firm that manufactures laserjet printers. However, some users are not pros with laser printers which is why to face many problems while using them. So, today we tell you How to fix HP printer problems.

It is the situation in which printers stop printing and don’t listen to user commands. This problem can occur due to various reasons such as:

1. HP Printer driver Problem

It is the most common technical HP printer driver Problem faced mostly by HP users. This error can occur due to various reasons but the main reason remains device compatibility. It means the desktop which connects your HP printer is not of the latest version. If the printer is of a new model and your desktop is of an older version its processing system is very old.  In this scenario, you need to upgrade or change your device. Otherwise, your printer will not work.

In case your device is also updated and still, driver-related errors are occurring. It means you have not executed the driver installation process easily.

  • You can take the following steps in order to permanently fix this error:
  • Visit an official HP printer website
  • Trace your HP printer driver and software
  • After tracing your HP printer driver and software. Just click on the download option and download the file that will resolve your HP printer driver problem.
  • The moment your downloaded file completely gets installed on your device. Just restart your printer and desktop and your problem is fixed.

2. Troubleshoot  internet connectivity

The Internet is essential for HP printers to function. Otherwise, you cannot use the HP printer services in the absence of the Internet. Therefore, ensure that your internet connectivity is up to the mark disturbance in internet connectivity will surely affect your printer. Troubleshoot internet connectivity problems by establishing a high-quality internet connection. If possible then go for the 4G LTE network.

3. Clear the previous print queue

A common error that emerges due to previous incomplete or stuck print jobs is one of the printer’s problems printing better this time. Therefore, it’s essential that you clear off past printing jobs to go through a smooth printing experience.

Here’s to solve the print queue issue:

  • After tapping the windows button, type ‘Control Panel’ and open it.
  • Next, choose the “devices and printers”
  • Tap right on your printer icon and select the ‘see what’s printing option.
  • After that, click the ‘open as administrator’ from the printer menu.
  • To clear off the past queue, launch the ‘printer menu’ and choose ‘cancel all documents.’
  • Eventually, tap ‘Yes’ to confirm the sweeping past queue. Now you can start fresh printing.

4. Troubleshoot Hardware issues causing problems

The printing process involves both the involvement of software and hardware. Since the software part has been discussed, let’s now talk about what hardware glitches can be obstacles to your HP printing problems.

Few hardware errors:

  • You might witness the connecting tools (cables) are either broken/damaged or not connected well. Connect them as they should be.
  • RAM could be insufficient to handle the print jobs for your system. Replace it with a sufficient one.
  • Either change the hardware part of your printer or replace it quickly to regain printing work.

5. Ghosting error while printing with an HP printer

During the printing process, an invisible problem called a ghosting error could be something affecting the printing job. It’s like printing light copy images automatically somewhere else. This mainly occurs due to power outlets. To tackle it, the below-given option will help.

1. Rearrange paper setting

Sometimes because the paper is not aligned with the paper settings in a laser printer, the issue pops up. However, it is essential that you set the paper setting with the paper type. This will help remove ghosting errors right away.

2. Change Drum Unit

An essential tool drum unit sometimes causes issues behind the ghost printing. This is because the drum unit is old now and needs replacement. Change it with a new one and experience removing the error easily. In case, the ghosting issue remains even after changing the drum unit, you take the help of the experts.

3. Analyze Fuser Unit

The fuser temperature control unit sometimes behaves badly and as a result, you will witness the error while printing. To make it normal what you need to do is: change the temperature of the Fuser. And, if you don’t find ways to change it, make sure you replace it.

6. Printhead Clogged with ink

Since the ink is in liquid form while used for printing, it gets dry with the nozzle and printhead when the printing is stopped for some time. As a result, you face the issue once the printing is resumed. Hence, to not stand face to face with this issue, follow the steps:

Paper Towel Method

The Paper Towel method will work through the given steps:

  • Pick a damp paper towel with little warmth and clean the cartridge from the printhead side.
  • Press the cartridge down. Then, push the cartridge down on the paper towel. Continue doing it till you find solid lines on a paper towel.
  • As the ink showed on the damp paper, keep holding the cartridge against a dry paper towel for around 1 minute.
  • After it gets done, put the cartridge back in the machine and test a print.
  • This will help to resolve the issue for sure.


Well, the HP printer is an amazing printer, and if you face any problem while using it. Just follow the above-mentioned tricks to resolve your HP printer problems. In case, your problem cannot be solved even by following the above-mentioned tricks then, just freely make contact with HP Printer Support staff by extracting contact from their official site.

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