How to Change Your Name on Facebook

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December 30, 2021


How to Change Your Name on Facebook on iPhone, Mobile, Android

Facebook is used to share pictures, videos, statuses, and many more with your friends in any part of the world. it has grown so much that now many activities happen here such as promoting businesses, launching gadgets, and organizing any event. There is almost every big organization has its own verified Facebook account to get connected with the common ones. There are celebrities who also have an official account where they have millions of followers. Apart from this, Facebook takes care of the general things that a user requires. These include changes in the account; Name change, profession change, and many other personal details that you wish to change, which can be possible through Facebook. In this regard, we have taken today’s topic of how to change your name on Facebook? as there may be a need to edit your name for many reasons.

Facebook is a platform where you remain connected with all the people you know or do not know as well. It is a widely used application in terms of connectivity and also it is the app that people use to see what is happening in someone’s life. In other words, Facebook has options to mention your personal details such as your name, your DOB, your profession, your way of living life, Your ambition, Your Location, and many more.

Is it Possible to Change Your Name on Facebook?

These features of Facebook are used massively as using these options makes Facebook more into the light and people get attracted towards it.

Now, changing your name on Facebook may happen due to various reasons. Let us see a few of them. For example, you were a teenager when you made your Facebook account and then you put your Nickname there. As time went by, you realized that you did not want your name to be the same and wanted to change. Well, the good news is it is possible. You can change your Facebook name as per your wish without any restrictions. But here are a few things that we need to focus on while changing our Facebook name.

  • Your Facebook name represents you among various other users, so it should be real.
  • The name should not have big changes as it may confuse others who are connected with you.
  • Your name should belong to you for better recognition.
  • The name should not include punctuation, symbols, or any mathematical sign.

Note: You can change your name on Facebook in 60 days only.

Facebook Name Change Policy

Your name is what defines you. it should be authentic first of all, and should not include anything that is subject to the clash for any reason.

After you understand a few things about Facebook’s name change policy, we will be discussing a few steps that are needed to make changes to your Facebook name.

Steps to follow for making changes to your Facebook profile name

  1. Prior to changing your Facebook name, it is advisable to go through Facebook name standards
  2. Login to your Facebook account by entering your credentials.
  3. Now, initially, in the process, tap three horizontal lines found on the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  4. Keep going down until you find the ‘Settings and Privacy section, click on Settings.
  5. After that, click on ‘Personal and account information
  6. After that click on Name.
  7. Here, enter your new name and click on Review Change(check whether you are satisfied with the changed name or not).
  8. At last, you need to Enter your password and click on ‘save changes

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

In order to change your Facebook name, you need to go through a few dedicated steps and you will appear as a new brand name after following the steps.

To change the name on Facebook, you need to understand that there are a few name standards that you need to go through to have an idea about what you pick up for your Facebook profile name. Like Facebook, there are other social sites that allow its users to change their name unlimited times or any way. But Facebook has its own policy in terms of changing its name.

You can change the name in the 60-day span.

The name that you wish to change should follow common derivatives such as Liz for Elizabeth, and Bill for William. Pseudonyms are not accepted by Facebook.

You are allowed to change your name within the 60-day period. If you try changing your name continuously, Facebook can increase your time span from 60 to 120 days for changing your profile name.

How to Change Name on Facebook on iPhone

Are you an iPhone user who is searching for ways to change the name of Facebook on the iPhone? Well, if that is the case, good news for you! Facebook allows its users to change their profile name or the name that is represented by all other friends with whom they are connected. Well, it does not matter whether you are a user of Android or iOS, you can easily change your Facebook account name with consideration of a few norms of Facebook.

  • The name should belong to you. should not be pseudo names. You can use nicknames too.
  • Your name can be changed once in the 60-day period. If you often change, you may be seized to change your name for up to 120 days.
  • Your name is your recognition point, make sure your name is valid or belongs to you. you can choose nicknames as well.

These policies of Facebook should be kept in mind while changing your profile name.

Steps to Change Your Name on Facebook on iPhone or Android 

  •  Install the Facebook app on your device (ios or Android)
  • After installing, sign in to your account by entering your password.
  • Now, open the menu. There will be three horizontal lines on the bottom of your iPhone screen. Click on these lines to get access to personal and privacy settings.
  • Move to the settings. In the account setting, you will see the option of changing the name. Scroll down and search for account settings. From there, move to general and tap ‘Name’.
  • Change your name: This is the final option where you can change your name or username. What you need to do is enter your new name.
  • Review changes: once you fill in your name accordingly, the next thing to check properly is whether what you have filled in is according to your demand or not.

After reviewing your changes you need to enter your Facebook password once again. This is the step to ensure that you are the actual owner of your account who wants changes in his account.

How to Change Your Last Name on Facebook

Changes of any kind related to names can be done through the setting options of Facebook. Facebook gives chance to make changes to your account name. The reason is, that you are married now and want to change your surname. In such a case, you can change your profile name without facing much trouble. One thing is to remember your password at the time of changing your Facebook account name is essential.

Sometimes, you use Facebook, and your password gets saved with your device. In such a case, you do not pay much attention to remembering your password. Password is required to finalize your Facebook changes related to your name for that matter.

To change your last name on Facebook, you need not do anything else. Just follow the given steps which allow you to change both your first name and last name as well. Login Facebook account, click on horizontal lines and move to settings and privacy. Then, click on personal and account information, and click on the name. enter your name, make review changes, and enter your password to save your changes.

How to Change Your Name on Your Facebook Profile

Facebook has grown so much in terms of connectivity. Not a single country in the world would be left without Facebook if they had internet connectivity. People use Facebook to share videos, images, profiles, and locations, and for many purposes. With such massive reach, they have provided various options to entertain its users. One of them is changing the name on the Facebook profile.

Yes, you can simply change your profile name on Facebook if you wish to. However, there is a policy to keep in mind while changing your name on Facebook.

  • The name should not be vulgar, or unrelated to you, not a pseudo one.
  • The name should not contain special characters, signs, or mathematical signs.
  • Your name is your identity on Facebook. Make sure you do not change it differently so that nobody recognizes you.

How to Change Your Name on the Facebook App

Can we change the name on the Facebook app? Absolutely yes. You can change your Facebook profile name on the Facebook application with the help of your smartphone. In order to change your name on Facebook through the phone, you need to do a few things.

Install the Facebook app on your device.

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines shown at the top right of the screen.
  • After that select settings and privacy tab.
  • Move to the personal information tab and click on the name.
  • From here you can change your profile name without any issue.
  • After entering a name, you need to preview it.
  • Then, Facebook asks you for your account password. Enter it.
  • At last, click on ‘Save Changes.

How to Change Your Name On Facebook 2023

There could be multiple reasons for changing your Facebook name. Maybe you have now got married and want to add your spouse’s name with your profile name, or maybe you have outgrown much and want some changes but that is a legal one.

Whatever the reason is, you are allowed to make changes to your profile name only if you have gone through the Name-changing Policy of Facebook. it is important to go through it first before making any changes.

There are a few things that are required to keep in mind while making changes to your Facebook account.

  • The name should be legal and free from pseudo name type.
  • Your name should not contain any kind of characters such as mathematical signs and special characters as such.
  • You need to keep in mind that you can change your name in 60 60-day period. If you try it often you may be subject to a ban for 120 days which is for 4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page Name?

Sometimes, you may be stuck at a point where you are not able to make changes in your Facebook page name. Why does it occur? Well, we have been telling you since the beginning that there are policies of Facebook that should be kept in mind prior to making any changes.

You may be facing troubles in changing your page name due to these reasons:

  • You have tried to change your Facebook name which seems pseudo (does not belong to you anymore).
  • Maybe you tried to change your name within 60 days period. That should not be accepted as such.
  • There may be chances that you have included a few characters and signs that are not accepted by Facebook.
  • Because your name does not match the ID list.

If I Change My Name on Facebook Can I Still Be Found?

If you make changes to your Facebook name, you need to keep in mind that you can still be found for a few days with the previous name. It takes time to update your changed name on Facebook. After a few days, you will be recognized by your new updated name among your social connectivity.

While changing your Facebook name you should take care of the fact that you do not choose any pseudo name which does not belong to you as your name is your primary identity on any social media site.

What to Know About Changing Your Name on Facebook

In order to change your name on Facebook, you need to keep a few things in mind. There are:

  • There should not be numbers, symbols, repeating characters, or punctuation in your Facebook name.
  • Any title denoting any religion should be avoided in the name.
  • Phrases and other words are avoidable instead of your name.
  • Any offensive word should not be included in your Facebook name.

In spite of it, if you use your real name, it will be appreciated. Using your real name that is known to your family and friends is very much acceptable. It helps in recovering your account in case it is hacked to disabled.

Understanding Facebook’s Name Change Policy

To make changes to your Facebook account name, you need to keep in mind that you can change your name in 60 60-day period. However, if you do it frequently, you will have to wait longer maybe 120 days or more. Facebook’s name policy should be kept in mind before jumping to the name change process.

Alternative to Changing Your Facebook Name

In order to add an alternative name to your Facebook account, you need to go to the settings of your account. from there tap on the “Edit” button. Now, you will see a new screen that will have the option to enter an alternative name. Make sure you use the same language while entering an alternate name.

What Names Are Allowed On Facebook?

Names that are allowed on Facebook, come under the Facebook name policy. There is a list of names that a user takes to use as a reference. Before planning to make changes, you have to go through to have an idea about the naming of an account.

How Do You Change Your Name On Mobile Facebook?

Changing your name is possible through your mobile Facebook app. Most of users use mobile phones to operate Facebook. Therefore, Facebook is a mobile-friendly application that works smoothly to make any changes. To make changes in your name, you need to follow the same steps provided to you above.

How Do I Add A Pronunciation Guide To My Name On Facebook?

Facebook has the option to add a pronunciation guide to your name on Facebook. it is a feature that allows you to add the pronunciation of your name added with name. Here is how you can add it.

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of Facebook, and now click on your name.
  2. Head to below and see ‘About info’.
  3. Come down to name pronunciation and click on the ‘How do you pronounce your name button.
  4. Choose your pronunciation and click on Save.

Why Can’t I Change My Name On Facebook?

All the users of Facebook have been given the privilege to change their names accordingly. But, there are a few scenarios where you may stick and can not change your Facebook name. These can be:

  • Your name does not match the ID list of Facebook.
  • Because you are trying multiple times to change your name in the 60-day period.
  • You are violating the Facebook name policy.

Wrapping Up:

Facebook is the most used application on the earth in terms of connectivity with people. There are almost 2.7 billion users of Facebook in the world. With such a wide range of connectivity, they also focus on the key points that can be beneficial for their users such as making changes in Profile; names, photos, Status, and About me through the app itself. In this blog post, we have covered all aspects of how to change your name on Facebook. and tried to tell you what the best processes you can use to make changes to your Facebook profile name or Facebook page name. There are name policies of Facebook that are required to be kept in mind before changing your name on Facebook. How was the post? Let us know in the comment section. And feel free to shoot your queries down below.

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